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Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, I proudly say I know good food, good music, and better company.  After I graduated from Mississippi State College of Art & Design, I made my way to Atlanta, Georgia.  Some might say I love the South.  I started my career as an intern at HBA, and vigorously worked my way up to a senior role with the company.  Throughout those years and experiences, I traveled extensively, developed  stacks and stacks of documentation, opened both hospitality and commercial projects, and found life long friends along the way.  That training ground is where I learned how to successfully execute a project from start to finish.


As Studio Director of 11fiftynine, I excel in leading the production team, managing the deliverables for each phase of work, and effectively checking off the last daily “to do”.  My happiest days are when I am collaborating with others to accomplish the tasks at hand.  In the interest of constantly evolving as a designer, I strive to be well rounded and to learn something new every single day. I truly love every phase of design, and my greatest passion is to create spaces that are meaningful to others.

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