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After graduating from Florida State I went to San Francisco to find a job, and found a career in hospitality.  My first employer, Bent Severin, directed me towards work around the Pacific Rim and taught me to be diplomatic on large-scale projects.  After a few years that included work on various job sites, I headed to Dallas to work for the acknowledged “Nicest Man in Design,” Jim Looney.  Jim introduced me to the art of renovations.  From Dallas I launched to my favorite city, Chicago.  There the Gettys Group patiently explained the business of design and altered my process forever.  HBA Atlanta sought me out and swayed me to return to my hometown.  HBA taught me to think big.


Each step helped inform me to be a well-balanced designer.  I understand the business of design and the process of execution. As the Managing Director of 11fiftynine, I specialize in overseeing the big picture.  I excel at leading coordination between the various consultants and contractors on each of our projects, ensuring that things are continually moving forward.  I am always keeping a watchful eye on the client’s vision, budget, and schedule.

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